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UNDERWATER RESOURCES?? August 3rd, 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Sarter   
Thursday, 03 August 2006

   I just finished reading the article in the S.F. Chronical business section  titled; "UNDERWATER RESOURCES", The Chronicle has been doing a great job in general reporting the science and facts behind global warming, the crisis that looms before us, and the need for change. The article reports on how much oil and gas reserves are potentially under our offshore waters. This may be true, and may not be. In this article I was, however, quite dismayed at the absence of any text or verbage whatsoever regarding the amount of greenhouse gases that absolutely would be emitted by the consumption of such reserves, should they turn out to be there. I am surprised to see, in the Chronicle, what I consider a very one sided look at this issue. The article states that if the most optimistic projections of reserves are correct there will be enough oil for 17 months of consumption by the current U.S. market alone. My question is, at what cost? The same amount is potentially under the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Pretty expensive band-aids if you ask me, when you consider the long term impact!

   Every day I read articles in the Chronicle, TIME magazine,  and other mainstream publications, and see documentary after documentary indicating the scientific evidence and what the implications are should we continue to consume the remaining reserves of oil and gas which are available, at ever increasing financial and environmental costs. Those environmental costs, even in the worst case scenario of a large oil spill, pale in comparison to the consequences of continuing down the fossil fuel burning road we've been on for quite obviously far too long.

   It's clear that the oil companies and the current administration want us to believe that the way to free ourselves from foreign oil, and even (dare I say the "T" word?) terrorism, is to drill and burn our own reserves. They have us scared into thinking that we NEED to do this. Now big brother oil is trying to lure individual states that may be having their own fiscal budget woes into "partnership", promising a cut of the winnings. This, after once again RECORD PROFITS, in the tens of billions. What great friends they are!

   The whole scenario eerily reminds me of the tobacco industry's cover-up of the harmful effects of smoking. We are now aware of the global environmental and health crisis we will face and are facing, even with a continuation of todays emission levels of greenhouse gases. China, and other emerging nations are just beginning major industrial revolutions as well. At what point does it become criminal to continue to adversely impact the health of not only "users", (such as in tobacco litigation those who chose to smoke), but of every living organism on the planet? I propose that we are at approximately the same point of knowlege regarding the health consequences of geenhouse gas emissions, as we are about the harmful effects of tobacco. It's all too familiar that various elements of the oil industry have hired their own"expert scientist" to head a team in order to dispute the evidence and conclusions of 99% of the scientific world. Sounds a bit like deception and collusion to me!

   As to the sharing of profits with states, I would like to see the people of this great country and the world unite and scream at the top of their lungs, "OUR CHILDRENS' FUTURE HEALTH AND WELFARE, AND THE PLANET AS A WHOLE, IS NOT FOR SALE AT ANY COST!!". The expense of continued oil exploration and development of offshore, arctic, desert, oil sands, etc. should and would be far better spent developing and implementing alternative fuels and energy conservation across all sectors of humanity.

The consequences of inaction in this area are far too grave for most people to even want to consider. I have good friends, normally environmentally sensitive, who are reluctant to see and know the truth. Unfortunately, I think a good deal of the American public and the world population is of the same mind. But above all else I wish to emphasize that knowledge is power, and we need that power in order to effect positive change; in our way of living and if necessary in our leadership as well.

   We need to once again become leaders, and set an example for the rest of the world to follow. I hope everyone out there is listening and seeing, (and doing!) How can we not hear and see what is unfolding before our own eyes?

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 August 2006 )
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