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9/15/06-Energy efficiency and more in the news... PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Sarter   
Friday, 15 September 2006
Things seem to be "heating up" in the quest for energy efficiency. Everywhere you look and listen there are people in the media and around your communities discussing ways in which to conserve and better utilize the resources available to us. This is good news, and hopefully with enough inertia created we can keep things moving in these positive directions.
  As you are most likely all aware, however, one of the biggest threats to our continued sustainable existence on this planet is global warming. It is essential that we as a people, country, culture and species acknowlege and embrace a solution driven approach to this global issue by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction of energy usage in general is paramount, primarily the burning of fossil fuels of course. Any time energy is utilized, heat will be a by-product at some point of the equation. There is no way of knowing how close to the "tipping point" we may be, the point at which the ecology of the planet will embark on a downward spiral with quite possibly no way to pull out. As the ice fields of the poles melt away, their reflective qualities which bounce a good deal of solar radiation away from the planet will diminish proportionately, creating a loop effect that could well be irreversable. The ocean currents which are dependent on the cooling properties of the arctic and antarctic are beginning to show signs of slowing, and we all know what happens to stagnant water. A chief scientist for NASA, James Hansen,  has taken up the cause to alert the people of this not only potential but probable outcome, and attempts have been made to silence him and discredit the science behind the facts. You can guess as to where these attempts might be coming from. Please read more on this at ; 

   This is not a time to silence the concerns and alarm of some of the finest scientific minds in our country, and the world. It is a time to join in their concern, and become active in the areas of politics and discussion of this very important crisis facing our planet. Please talk with your friends, loved ones, local and national politicians and anyone who you feel might be interested in continuing to enjoy life on our planet as we know it. Please feel free to send me or anyone else your thoughts!   Enjoy the day and plan for tomorrow,  -John

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